Curfew consultation must clarify implementation: CTAA

Short notice for deadline and consultation a concern given expected impact on container transport

Curfew consultation must clarify implementation: CTAA
Melbourne port container trucking will be affected by new curfews.


With inner west Melbourne truck curfews due next Friday, some elements of the industry are questioning VicRoads’ approach to the issue.

New start-up body Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) says the port transport sector had understood that while the Somerville Road school crossing hours curfew was due on January 29, the Moore Street was to be rolled out later in the year.

"As a result, VicRoads has given the transport industry less than a week's notice," CTAA says in an alert released yesterday.

It also questions the short notice given for this morning’s consultation meeting, the announcement for which was taken down from VicRoads’ website as it was a notice for industry rather than the public.

"CTAA understands that the VicRoads meeting tomorrow will concentrate on how the Moore Street curfew will be enforced, including exemptions from the curfew for trucks that can demonstrate that they have loaded or unloaded from premises within a designated area of Footscray/Tottenham/Yarraville," CTAA says.

"Apart from the extreme lack of notice by VicRoads regarding implementation, in our view many questions arise about the practicalities of enforcing the new curfews." 

These include:

what documentation (paper or electronic) will be acceptable as proof of origin or destination within the designated area exempt from the Moore Street Curfew?

what enforcement strategies will be employed?  How will VicRoads TSS officers know which trucks to pull for inspection and which ones not to?

what if a loading or unloading point is just outside of the designated area - what right of appeal is there to have that premises included in the exempt area?

"We are sure that some operators reading this email will be unaware of the new curfews and will have many questions about their implementation," the CTAA alert states. 

"Container transport to and from the Port of Melbourne will be impacted by these new curfews, including empty bulk runs at night and on weekends using Moore Street, and full R&D night operations for many carriers located in the inner west, and those who previously may have used Moore Street as a through route to and from the port at night and on weekends." 

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