NSW EPA to cover cost of the waste vehicle GPS

By: Rob McKay

Initial burden of tracking device for trucks to be borne by government.

NSW EPA to cover cost of the waste vehicle GPS
The waste transport industry won't have to buy GPS devices.



New South Wales waste transporters may be forced to have approved GPS devices in their trucks but it appears they won’t have to bear the cost.

The initiative is contained in new powers coming into effect for the State’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under amendments to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POEO Act), part of which began over the weekend.

"At this stage the EPA will cover the cost of the GPS technology," an EPA spokeswoman says.

The GPS changes outlined in the POEO Amendment Bill give the EPA the legal power to install the devices under the POEO Act."

The changes also have effect on employees, subcontractors and agents and all involved must handle it in ways stipulated in a written notice requiring the device’s use.

The relevant change is under Section 144AC.  

The amendments can be found here.

The spokeswoman also clarified the relationship between the Act and waste regulations as they appear on the EPA website.

"The POEO Act and the Waste Regulation are complementary documents in the sense that the POEO Act reflects and gives legal power to the EPA to enforce the policies outlined in the Waste Regulation," she says.

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