Zarb aims cameras on motorists safety threat

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

Trucks armed with speed-monitoring devices that film the side and back of vehicles

Zarb aims cameras on motorists safety threat
Zarb's trucks have camera protection


A Queensland transport business fed up with rogue motorists has spent around $15,000 installing cameras on trucks to capture their behaviour.

Zarb Road Transport, which services the sugar industry in the Mackay region, has fitted 15 trucks with cameras at its three depots in a bid to protect its drivers and slash repair costs.

The company’s safety facilitator, Mark Lalor, has spent the last 16 months fitting vehicles with cameras, with the latest batch of eight now tailored with GPS-enabled speed-monitoring devices that film the side and back of vehicles.

"The initial trigger was we have been involved in a serious incident where a car got pushed in front of our trucks," Lalor says.

"No one was hurt, fortunately, but we had the GPS data on our trucks so we knew everything the driver was doing leading up to the accident but we didn’t have the camera footage. And when we had spoken to him, it cemented in our minds that if we had that sort of information on our truck it would be beneficial.

"We have had a few incidents since, where the member of the public has been in altercation with the truck and it was their word against ours with no witnesses. So we fight that through insurance or we end up paying."

The family business that has a fleet of 70 has spent up to $20,000 in repairs over the last year due to minor incidents.

Lalor is calling on the public to obey the road rules and have patience when sharing the road with trucks, saying he wants his operators to be safe and have courtesy on the road for other users.

"We do a lot of work in training our drivers to be patient and we go through a very lengthy recruitment process to make sure we get the right people for the job with the right attitude," he adds.

"It’s the strength of our business that we want our operators to be safe. We don’t want rogue people in our business and, if we do come across them, they won’t have a very long career with us.

"We are not policemen but if something happened to one of our vehicles and we got the proof and whether our person is in the right or the wrong, we just want to protect ourselves and our drivers in the long run."

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