SA Police out in force on South Eastern Freeway

Heavy presence as new speed limits come into force after recent fatalities

SA Police out in force on South Eastern Freeway
South Australia Police has speed enforcement task


Lower speed limits on Adelaide’s South Eastern Freeway come into effect today following a recent truck crash.

The speed limit for all trucks is down to 60kmph between the Stirling interchange and the toll gate.

The speed limit for other cars is also down to 90km/h.

There will be a heavy police presence on the freeway enforcing the new speed laws, with fines issued to disobeying drivers, the South Australia Police says.

"We know that heavy vehicles impose extra dangers on our roads simply because of their sheer size and weight," superintendent and officer in charge for traffic Bob Fauser says.

"So by restricting speed we hope to prevent any further horrific crashes and injuries like we witnessed earlier this month.

"I implore everyone to obey the new rules, remain patient with others and remember these measures are in place to keep all users of the South Eastern Freeway, large and small, safe.

"Police will be highly visible on both sides of the freeway and we will be enforcing the rules and educating drivers on their responsibilities," he adds.

"I’m asking for everyone using the freeway to help us out, spread the word and do the right thing.

"If you witness anyone ignoring the new restrictions, don’t hesitate to call the police."

All trucks will be required to travel in the left lane.

Two people were killed and one injured when a Transpacific truck lost control on the freeway recently.

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