Industry demand boosts Holding Redlich numbers

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

Law firm is witness to operators’ growing need to protect themselves

Industry demand boosts Holding Redlich numbers
Nathan Cecil sees operators being more proactive


Transport operators are becoming more aware of the legal aspects of compliance following recent fatal road crashes, a national law firm says.

Holding Redlich, which deals with all aspects of the industry, says operators are turning increasingly to transport law as companies are being put under spotlight.

The firm has recently recruited three new partners specialising in the transport sector due to demand.

Eight out of the 57 partners specialise in the transport field.

Partner Nathan Cecil, who joined the company on September 1, says transport operators are starting to take a proactive approach in developing chain of responsibility and compliance policies.

"They’re one of the most heavily burdened participants within the industry, which is quite strange given that they are one of the tightest profit margin, high-volume type of industry and yet they have some of the tightest compliance costs across all industries," Cecil says.

"The transport industry is recognising an appreciation for transport law and a well-managed transport law is a function of profit, essentially."

Transport lawyers are in demand as operators recognise supply chain complexities, he adds.

"It’s contract risk management and general supply chain efficiency impacted by transport law in the same way that all of the links in the supply chain have to fit together for operational efficiency; you need all of the links of the legal backroom to fit together across all of those models of transport within Australian and international law in order for your business to operate properly."

With recent crashes, such as the Mona Vale accident in Sydney in February and last month’s BP tanker crash in Wodonga, operators are putting more emphasis on safety, Cecil adds.

"We see a lot of companies are now taking a proactive approach in developing chain of responsibility and compliance policies before an incident occurs or certainly when an incident occurs they basically start a review from square one and do a risk management assessment and develop their policies and start to talk to their service providers to ensure that the message is getting outside of the organisation to all of their trading partners," he says.

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