Cameron and Xtreme support East West Link

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

Victorian operators see costs falling and efficiency rising with tunnel

Cameron and Xtreme support East West Link
Glen Cameron Group wants to avoid congestion


Two Melbourne transport companies are featured in a video launched by the Victorian Government at the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) annual conference this week.

The Glen Cameron Group and Extreme Freight speak of the improvements the Government’s East West Link road project will have to their Melbourne businesses.

The project, an 18-kilometre underground tunnel joining the Eastern Freeway to the Western Ring Road, is set to slash costs and allow the companies to better utilise their vehicles.

"The benefit of the proposed East West link would be the flexibility choosing the most appropriate route due to congestion and time to service those areas in the western suburbs that we currently have," Glen Cameron says.

"With our western suburbs operation it also gives us the same flexibility to avoid the Westgate Bridge and have an alternative route to service the eastern suburbs."

The company is based in Bayswater, east of Melbourne, and has 350 trucks.

Xtreme Freight says the Monash Freeway is the most congested route.

"By saving 20 minutes of time on the East West link would certainly reduce the turnaround time of vehicles and allow us to get to our clients in a timely manner," it says.

"There would be less vehicles on the road and it would also reduce the fatigue of our drivers that are currently facing by sitting in traffic."

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