South Australia Police release heavy vehicle stats

Details given of safety compliance operations, offences detected and action taken

South Australia Police release heavy vehicle stats
SA Police reveal operations results


South Australia’s police force has released a rundown of its latest figures and actions relating to heavy vehicle monitoring and enforcement.

Heavy Vehicle Enforcement Section (HVES) data shows that heavy vehicles are involved in 16 per cent of fatal crashes and seven per cent of serious injury crashes in the state.

"In the 2012-13 financial year, the HVES detected 750 offences against heavy vehicle law, issuing 870 defect notices and detecting 190 alcohol or drug affected heavy vehicle drivers," the force says. 

Much of this work resulted in heavy vehicles being impounded or stopped from being driven for 24 hours. 

"These actions can have a dramatic financial impact on the companies involved."

Recent operation results include:

Operation Ceduna (March 2014) 

67 expiations issued

18 defects

3 drug drivers

2 cannabis expiations

1 drug diversion

11 reports

3 direction notices to cease work (heavy vehicle driver fatigue related)

A driver was detected with several counts of working for up to 17 hours and 45 minutes in 24 hour periods.


Operation Murray Bridge (March 2014)

23 vehicles standards expiations

8 heavy vehicle offence expiations

1 drug diversion

1 drug driving offence. 

71 Trucks and semi-trailers examined with 33 being defected.


Operation Lockdown at Port Augusta (February 2014)

2 drink driving offences

3 drug drivers

8 reports

108 expiations

38 defects including 6 heavy vehicles with non-complaint speed limiters


Operation Peterborough (January 2014)

33 expiations

11 defects

2 non-compliant speed limiters

2 drug drivers

1 drug diversion

4 reports


Renmark ROSAT (with DPTI November 2013)

78 expiations

49 defects

4 non-compliant speed limiters

3 drug drivers

1 drink driving offence

4 drug diversions

2 cannabis expiations

7 driver fatigue reports

3 notices to cease work (driver fatigue)


Operation Shake Up at Dry Creek (with Holden Hill traffic Enforcement Section Nov 2013)

5 B doubles and 75 rigid trucks examined in the Dry Creek area

27 expiations/reports, 19 of which were for breach of vehicle standards

58 defect notices issued

3 drug driving offences

3 fatigue offences and 3 cautions

1 dimension and 3 load-restraint offences


Operation Keith (October-November 2013)

40 expiations

14 defects

1 non-complaint speed limiter

4 drug drivers including one B-double driver who was caught for the fifth time


Operation Wayward (with DPTI September 2013)

8 heavy vehicle offence expiations

10 expiations for breach of vehicle standards

127 heavy vehicles examined and 69 of those defected


Operation Wayward (with DPTI October 2013)

1 arrest

1 drug driver

3 heavy vehicle offence expiation notices

10 expiation notices for breaching vehicle standards

Total of 148 trucks and trailers were inspected with 99 being defected


Operation Renmark (September-October 2013)

49 expiations

31 defects

5 non-compliant speed limiters

4 drug drivers

2 drug diversions

2 cannabis expiations

5 reports


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