Easter-Anzac Day messages and warnings issued

ATA, TWU and NSW authorities raise awareness of safety issues at a dangerous time of the year

Easter-Anzac Day messages and warnings issued
This is a risky time for safety on the roads


Organisations and authorities have issued advice and warnings to the public and the industry in the lead-up to Easter.

With holiday destinations across Australia experiencing extremely high bookings over the Easter/Anzac Day period, Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Chief Executive Stuart St Clair has called for motorists to slow down and take care.

"ATA staff at our travelling road safety exhibition, the Safety Truck,are often asked how road users can share the road safely with heavy vehicles. It’s a question particularly asked by holiday-makers who tow caravans, motorhomes or boats, who may not do this regularly," St Clair said.

"Trucks use their full lane, so if you need to pull off the road, make sure you park well clear of the roadway. If you’re approaching an oncoming truck, you should stay to the left of your lane to reduce buffeting from air turbulence.

"If a slower vehicle is being overtaken by a truck, it’s essential to maintain your speed and stay in your lane. It’s also helpful to slow for a moment to allow the truck to pass more easily.
"Above all, all drivers should take regular rest breaks – it’s much better to arrive safe and well rested than to rush towards an accident."

The Transport Workers’ Union urges all motorists to have extra patience and drive with care in a bid to encourage greater awareness and safer driving. 

TWU Queensland State Secretary Peter Biagini says the most important thing for motorists and other drivers to remember is to get you and your family to your destination safely.

"The roads are busier in our holiday periods and there are more truckies out there delivering the food and fuel we need," Biagini says.

"With that comes a lot of responsibility for both truckies and motorists."

He calls on both to have patience, take care and to have a greater awareness of each other.

Meanwhile, double demerit points are now in place in New South Wales.

Drivers who breach road rules will be slapped with double demerit points over Easter and the Anzac Day weekend.

Police will be out in full force on the roads from April 17 to 21 and 24 to 27.

NSW Centre for Road Safety General Manager Marg Prendergast says enforcing double demerit periods has proved to reduce road fatalities.

"Over the last five Easters there was an average of around four fatalities, close to 300 injuries and almost 500 recorded crashes for the five day public holiday each year," Prendergast says.

"If we compare the same periods before and after double demerit point penalties were enforced, we see there’s been more than a 30 per cent reduction in fatal crashes.

"That’s proof that double demerits encourage drivers to slow down and be safe on our roads."

She is calling on drivers to allow extra time on the roads and to drive to the road conditions.

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