Bransgrove outlines agenda as NTC commissioner

By: Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi

Nola Bransgrove has a packed list of issues she wants to address during her tenure as an NTC commissioner.

Bransgrove outlines agenda as NTC commissioner
Regulations, infrastructure and transport efficiency are some of the issues Nola Bransgrove plans to address as an NTC commissioner.

Newly appointed National Transport Commission (NTC) commissioner Nola Bransgrove hopes to make women’s voices heard during her three-year long term.

The BransTrans director and chair of Women in Supply Chain (WISC) who was one of five commissioners appointed to the NTC says she plans to bring women’s views to the table.

"I think it will be a good thing – it’s all part of the inclusiveness in the industry," Bransgrove says.

"We’re at least 50 percent of the industry if not more so it’s good that we have a voice at the table and I’m delighted that there’s another woman who’s a commissioner as well."

The board includes David Anderson as chair, Carolyn Walsh as deputy chair, and Mike Mrdak and Norm Mcllfatrick as commissioners.

Regulations, infrastructure and transport efficiency are just some of the issues Bransgrove plans to address during her term, she says.

"There needs to be clear regulations so that cost effectiveness is part of the process so that things aren’t done just for the sake if you like," she says.

"It remains to be seen if the NTC is in a position to remove impediments. I think the industry is drowning in regulation so if some of the stuff that seems to be there for regulation sake can be removed it would be a plus."

Bransgrove was nominated for the role 18 months ago and says she is excited about the job ahead.

"I’m quite humbled by the appointment and realise it’s a very big task," she says.

"I’m delighted that the industry has a voice at the table and I guess I hope I can bring objectivity to it but also experience."

The commissioners are due to attend their first NTC meeting in Melbourne in February.

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