Ryan's Freighters introduces speed restrictions

Trucking operator imposes 90km/h speed limit on its fleet of trucks to improve safety and benefit the environment

Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | March 16, 2012

Ryan’s Freighters has imposed speed restrictions on its fleet of trucks in a bid to improve safety and do its bit for the environment.

The company has added 12 new trucks to its fleet, which have come with a 90km/h limit on them. Managing Director Graham Ryan has already begun installing speed limiters on 50 of his other trucks.

Although the company has had no major accidents except a rollover last year when the driver travelled within the speed limit, Ryan says more needs to be done to reduce the risk of accidents.

"In recent times we have seen some catastrophic accidents elsewhere and I don’t want to wake up one morning and have that on my list," Ryan says.

"It’s the safety environment and economics of our own business here. We have a large number of employees and we have a responsibility to the public and their families and the drivers so it’s strictly based on our business and the long-term sustainability of our business."

The idea behind the new limit came through a partnership with Scania, which provided the 12 new trucks.

"After extensive research of truck suppliers, they came out on top in terms of safety, environment and economy," Ryan says.

"They are a world leader in terms of carbon emissions and their higher quality means longer service intervals and less diesel consumption."

Ryan hopes to save money by reducing heavy vehicle speed, saying customers are not only focusing on competitive pricing but they also demand companies to embrace safety and do their bit to improve the environment.

Formed in 1957, the family-owned and operated business runs transport and removal services in south-west Victoria.

With 120 drivers, Ryan says it will take time to for his staff to adjust to the speed change.

"These drivers are used to driving these big trucks and sitting on 100km/h everywhere they go so it’s a real cultural change," he says.

The company will assess the measure in four months to see if it has delivered results.

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