Toll puts emphasis on slashing emissions

Nation's largest transport and logistics operator puts heavy focus on greener operations to meet emissions reduction target

By Brad Gardner | August 26, 2011

The nation’s largest transport and logistics operator is pouring resources into improving the environmental impact of its operations in a bid to reach an ambitious emissions reduction target.

In its annual financial report released yesterday, Toll announced it would release a comprehensive strategy later this year outlining plans to slash emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

The company says it is researching, developing and introducing schemes to reduce emissions below 2010 levels by 20 percent by 2020. Toll pumped out around 533,000 tonnes of carbon emissions last financial year.

"We will be publishing a comprehensive Environment Report later in the calendar year. It will detail Toll’s environmental risks, programs addressing these risks, case studies and progress to date," the financial report says.

"We will outline the Company’s targets to reduce its carbon footprint and the significant advancements we are making to achieve them."

It has previously introduced schemes to minimise engine idling and revving, which Toll estimates can generate improvements of up to 10 percent in fuel efficiency and emissions.

"Toll is currently developing a range of online training and in cab training programs to be rolled out across the Group," the company says.

"We are actively researching and trialling a range of options including biodiesel, compressed and liquefied natural gas, LPG, ethanol, hydrogen, electric and solar as part of our longer term energy mix in our road, sea, air and facility based operations."

Toll goes on to say it is also looking into electric and hybrid motors and emerging technologies such as engine efficiency management systems, aerodynamics, low friction tyres and lightweight materials.

"Toll has identified a number of new and evolving technologies that can drive improved fleet fuel efficiency into our fleets and at the same time reduce emissions," it says.

With multimodal operations throughout Australia and Asia, Toll says it is well-placed to cut emissions through smarter logistics planning.

It refers to improved vehicle capacity and utilisation, better route optimisation to reduce the number of kilometres travelled and switching to night-time freight movements to alleviate congestion as solutions.

Toll announced a $294.8 million profit yesterday – a 3.7 percent increase over the previous year.

Despite tight economic conditions and natural disasters affecting the business, Toll managed to increase its presence through new contracts with Rio Tinto, Fosters, BHP Billiton and BlueScope.

It retained work with Woolworth and Coles, while its foray into the mining sector has paid off with new contracts with Anglo American, Xstrata Coal and Orica.

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