Lack of interest in heavy vehicle laws

Only a third of the anticipated 900 industry members sign up for the National Transport Commission's heavy vehicle national law information forums

By Ruza Zivkusic | March 7, 2011

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is urging people to register for its heavy vehicle national law information forums, which start next week.

NTC Project Director George Konstandakos says only 300 people have registered for the 18 forums to be held across the country during 10 weeks.

He hopes the number will rise to 900.

"It’s important that they get involved to have a say in the way the regulators are going to function; now is the time to get involved if there are aspects that they like or don’t like, they need to push for it and they need to have a say because there’s no point to wait after the consultation period if they’re whinging about it afterwards," Konstandakos says.

The forums will provide an overview of key aspects of the proposed draft heavy vehicle national laws and accompanying regulatory impact statement (RIS), which was released on February 28.

"The new law will change the way the heavy vehicle industry interfaces with the government; instead of having the industry work with separate bodies and council, they will have a one stop-shop concept, it will be a standardised process in accessing and assessing vehicles, there will be one law instead of separate different laws," he adds.

"We are also having a longer than usual consultation period than the standard four to six weeks; now is the time to shape the regulator.

"We’re proposing to have a regulator with decision making abilities, not just another layer of regulation but it will be a regulator that will have a say and be able to coordinate activities," Konstandakos says.

The first forum will be held in Melbourne next Tuesday.

For more information contact NTC on 03 9236 5000.

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