DP will involve truckers in future decisions

DP World will consult operators before embarking on the sort of changes that brought chaos to Port Botany this week

By Rob McKay | November 12, 2010

DP World will consult those doing business in Port Botany before embarking on the sort of changes that brought chaos there over the week, the trucking lobby says.

The change in approach comes a day after DP World replaced its Sydney general manager.

In a meeting late yesterday, the stevedore reiterated that its existing terminal operating system has teetered on the edge of total collapse. Even with high maintenance levels, the computer system was in danger of failing before the end of the year.

"Tentative arrangements have been put in place to move vessels to Patrick, increase and improve outbound rail movements and move additional containers by stack run to other offsite locations if required," the NSW branch of the Australian Trucking Association says.

"We stated that our biggest concern has been the lack of consultation prior to the implementation of the new system and the failure to advise industry of the potential consequences prior to the event.

"We have gained assurance from DP World that any further instances that will have such a bearing on stakeholders and performance levels will be discussed well beforehand and consultation will take place to ensure minimal harm to the supply chain."

Furthermore, the ATA NSW measures will be put in place to address any matters with potentially severe consequences on operators

"In addition we have asked that all storage and penalties imposed over the past week as a consequence of this implementation be withdrawn or credited.
Truck turnaround times were still affected this morning and could continue to be so into next week," the group says.

The ATA NSW says it has advised DP World of its desire to continue discussing ways to improve timeslot access at the port.

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