SA Freight Council gets strategic to improve message

The South Australian Freight Council will attempt "association of associations" to improve transport lobbying efforts

By Rob McKay | July 22, 2010

The South Australian Freight Council (SAFC) will seek to form a national "association of associations" in a bid to focus the wider transport sector’s message to Canberra.

The pledge is contained in the peak state multi-modal industry group’s new five-year strategic plan from 2011 to 2015 unveiled today by Chairman John McArdle.

The aim is to "reduce the fragmentation of transport industry representation to government regarding freight, passenger and infrastructure issues by facilitating the concept of an association of associations by June 2011", the plan states.

McArdle says the Council’s "new vision" is to be recognised as the strategic leader in addressing the South Australia’s domestic and global freight opportunities, influencing government policy and facilitating sustainable industry growth.

"The SA Freight Council believes the best way of successfully achieving its vision is by having a collaborative relationship with the governments of the day, instead of hitting them over the head with complaints," he says.

"The transport and logistics industry faces many challenges over the next few years and we need to work more closely with the SA government to ensure mutually successful outcomes are achieved.

"By implementing this new plan, the SA Freight Council will build on its strong presence in the SA transport and logistics community, will grow its capacity and deliver on its vision."

On road matters, the Council will argue that improved international links and freight transport efficiency are vital to improving South Australia’s effectiveness.

It will also argue for freight routes to be located and protected in advance to minimise the impact of vehicle movement on the community and the environment.

As part of the plan, the Council will urge government to on concentrating resources on maintaining and improving existing assets rather than extending the network.

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