Investigate speed camera accuracy: Morris

Victorian MP calls for accuracy of speed camera to be tested after a litany of complaints

By Brad Gardner | May 5, 2010

A Victorian MP has called on the Brumby Government to investigate the accuracy of a speed camera following concerns motorists are being wrongly fined.

Mornington MP David Morris claims his office has received more than 100 complaints about a speed camera on the intersection of Nepean Highway and Bungower Road south of Melbourne.

He says many complaints are coming from experienced and law-abiding drivers.

"We are not talking about hoons here," he says.

Morris wants Police Minister Bob Cameron to review every fine that has come from the speed camera since it began operating.

"…if the cameras were working accurately and catching motorists who were offending, I would have no argument at all," Morris says.

He made the comments during parliament yesterday where he tabled a letter from one local who was fined while crossing an intersection.

The camera sits at an intersection where the highway and Bungower Road meet two minor roads.

"…the vehicles appeared to have entered the intersection on the green light and been unable to clear the intersection in a reasonable time following the light turning red," Morris says.

In the tabled letter, a 73-year-old says he entered the intersection when the traffic light was green.

"I did not run the red light nor did I speed up to do a right-hand turn. I merely completed my right-hand turn," he writes.

Morris says he is still receiving complaints. He says Cameron needs to intervene to ensure those who were wrongly fined are treated fairly.

"We need the public to trust these cameras if they are going to do what they are intended and make these intersections safer," Morris says.

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