WA unveils new mass management scheme

Operators to get increased mass limits for adopting loading controls under a new scheme proposed by WA

By Michael House | February 12, 2010

Operators will be rewarded with increased mass limits in return for adopting loading controls and management systems, according to a proposed scheme by the Western Australian Government.

The Mass Management Scheme (MMS) will operate as a new mass management module incorporating current weighing and loading schemes in the process.

A discussion paper released today Transport Minister Simon O’Brien says the scheme will help operators manage their business more efficiently by developing procedures for managing loading and controlling the risk of overloading.

It claims to also create a "level playing field" with minimal interference from government and assuring the community that road safety is enhanced and road assets protected.

"The scheme under consideration is based on rewarding operators with increased mass limits, providing they adopt loading controls and management systems," O’Brien says.

Transport operators participating in the MMS will be required to comply with the mass management module of the WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation scheme and operators with a high compliance record will benefit from less on-road enforcement.

Unlike the current systems in place in WA which have been route specific, the MMS scheme will be run on a new concessional network of roads put together through consultation with the State Government and councils.

There are currently no plans on how trucks will be weighed under the new scheme, but the Ministerial Heavy Vehicle Advisory Panel which drew up the discussion paper says new systems will have to be put in place.

This includes load cell on-board truck weighing systems, air bag on board weighing systems and trailer weighing systems.

O’Brien says the cost of accreditation is offset by efficiency gains created through the system.

A copy of the discussion paper can be found here.

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