High rate of truckies suffering fatigue, survey finds

New survey reveals alarming stats about the nation's drivers, with fatigue common among truck drivers

Many motorists are still engaging in risky driving behaviour despite increased pressure from governments around the country to curb the rate of vehicle accidents, according to new government findings.

Results published in the Survey of Community Attitudes to Road Safety conducted by the Social Research Centre on 1,615 Australian drivers found fatigue was common, with 16 percent of surveyed drivers admitting to falling asleep behind the wheel and 43 percent of those saying they had done so more than once.

The report found 36 percent of fatigue-affected drivers identified themselves as possessing a heavy vehicle licence.

According to the survey, 61 percent of respondents admitted to using their mobile phones while driving, while 25 percent say they consider it acceptable to speed.

Despite warnings, it appears the dangers of drink driving have not yet been recognised, with 4 percent of respondents admitting it was likely they had driven while over the blood limit at least once in the last year.

The survey, however, did produce good news. It found widespread support for existing traffic laws and law enforcement practices and a 98 per cent approval of random breath testing.

More than one in four respondents or 27 per cent of respondents say they want even harsher punishments imposed on those caught speeding.


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