Linfox focuses on 'core fundamentals' in tough times

Linfox is 'well posed' for the tough economic times, focusing on the core fundamentals of the business

By Michael House

Linfox CEO Michael Byrne says his company is well posed for the tough times facing the transport industry and will focus on the core fundamentals of the business to ensure the heavy weight operator comes out on top.

Writing in the company newsletter for April, Byrne says all operations will come under the microscope to ensure maximum efficiency.

"The current economic downturn demands that we change the way we manage the Linfox Logistics business," he says.

"We will focus on our core operations and on maximising returns by a rigorous review of operations to identify new efficiencies for our customer operations."

Byrne says the major focus will come through working with the company’s customers and driving greater value in their supply chains and seeking smarter ways of meeting customers needs.

The operator will also reduce costs across the business, but in a "measured way" that ensures strong operations are maintained.

According to Byrne, Linfox will put growth on the back seat and focus on coming out of the downturn with minimal debts.

"Linfox has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past five years, but in the current economic climate we are firmly focused on remaining viable, vibrant and financially independent," he says.

Byrne’s comments were backed up by company President Peter Fox, who says he is confident the business will remain sturdy throughout the impending doom and gloom.

"While the challenges are great, I believe we are well positioned to work closely with customers to strengthen our businesses for the long term," Fox says.

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