Vic Police get serious on speeding trucks

Victorian police will begin a major crack down on truck drivers unless the industry takes action to end speeding offences

Victorian police will begin a major crack down on the State’s truck drivers unless the industry takes action to curb an increase in speeding offences.

Inspector Greg Parr told the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) police will devote all possible resources to a major enforcement program if truck drivers and other motorists continue to ignore speed restrictions around construction sites on the Monash WestGate corridor.

Major offenders have already been identified and the highway taskforce is visiting recalcitrant drivers and companies.

VTA Chief Executive Phil Lovel says he is shocked by the news, but adds many drivers are disobeying restrictions around construction areas in the mistaken belief there are no workers on site.

"This is far from the fact – they are probably working near or underneath the construction site," Lovel says.

With construction expected to go on for another 18 months, Lovel has told all drivers to abide by the limits or face significant consequences.

"The truck industry, including all commercial vehicles must start to take heed of different speed limits. I have no doubt that any major accident involving road workers will mean stiff penalties for the offending drivers," he says.

Parr says police will revoke a driver’s licence for three months if they are caught 25km/h over the speed limit, while drivers caught 45 km/h over the limit will lose their licence for 12 months.

Trucks will also be impounded for 48 hours. The VTA says anyone caught doing 85km/hin a 40km/h zone will face a stiff penalty personally and on behalf of the business.

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