Slug trucks with environmental and safety controls: survey

Trucks should meet environmental and safety controls in return for route access, according to the findings of a survey

Trucks should be forced to meet stringent environmental and safety controls in return for route access, according to the findings of a new national survey.

Of the 1000 respondents that took part in the survey commissioned by the Truck Industry Council, 60 percent believe all trucks should meet strict standards before being allowed into built-up areas.

According to the survey, 75 percent of respondents want a minimum safety standard imposed on every truck which operates within cities.

"There appears to be substantial public support for the implementation of stricter standards regarding the trucks on the road especially in built-up areas," leading social marketing researcher Dr Susan Dann says.

The national survey, run by Dann on behalf of the Truck Industry Council, explored a number of issues and found many Australians are concerned about the safety and environmental impact of trucks.

Although most people realised new trucks are increasingly safer and more environmentally friendly, few were familiar with the safety and environmental technologies that feature in the latest generation of trucks.

However, the majority agreed trucks play an important role in the economy, while only 15 percent responded trucks are not the most efficient transport option for goods.

Almost half of respondents thought trucks should only be used when there is no other alternative transport mode available. Almost a quarter—23.5 percent—argued trucks should be banned from cities.

Truck Industry Council Chief Executive Tony McMullan says the survey’s findings show most people understand the important role trucks play in growing the economy but want new technology and innovation to ensure safer and greener heavy vehicles.

"The issue of trucks, particularly large trucks, operating in built up areas is a concern for many respondents and these concerns are primarily due to safety fears and perceived adverse environmental impacts," McMullan says.

"These are all issues, either real or perceived, that truck manufacturers are actively working to address."

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