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IMC unveils design of Nikola fuel-cell trucks

The Nikola fuel-cell trucks are expected to play a key role in IMC’s operations across California, Nevada and Arizona

American logistics company IMC has unveiled the design of its 50 new fuel-cell electric trucks from Nikola at the opening of its sustainable Compton facility. 

Nikola President and CEO Steve Girsky says it’s proud to be at the forefront of sustainable transport solutions alongside IMC. 

“IMC’s vision to transition its fleet to zero-emissions is a testament to their leadership in the drayage sector and sets a high standard for the industry,” Girsky says. 

“We’re honoured to be aligned with them as we all work to decarbonise the transport industry.” 

The trucks are set to be deployed across IMC’s operations in California, Arizona and Nevada. 

So far, Nikola has delivered 10 trucks to IMC in late 2023, with an additional 10 scheduled to be delivered this month. The remaining 30 are expected to be delivered by the end of 2024. 

“Our order of 50 Nikola fuel-cell electric trucks signifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability in drayage operations,” IMC CEO Joel Henry says. 

“We’re confident that these technology-advanced trucks will not only meet but exceed our expectations for enhanced efficiency and operational excellence.” 

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