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Iluka feels transport pinch at blocked Thevenard

Flinders Ports in halt to exports due to jetty weakness


Mineral sands miner Iluka is searching for clarity and looking at potential transport options now that shipping from the Port of Thevenard has been suspended.

Thevenard owner Flinders Ports put the brakes on due to weaknesses in the jetty that holds a conveyor system owned by port operator Viterra.

This carries heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) to ship from its Jacinth-Ambrosia mine north-west of Ceduna.

Iluka ships the HMC to its mineral separation plants in Narngulu in Western Australia and Hamilton in Victoria through the port.

“It is not clear when loading activities at the Port will be resumed,” the miner says.

“Iluka is currently investigating alternative avenues of transport for the Jacinth-Ambrosia HMC, through one of the other ports in the region.”

Iluka has a long-standing relationship with Kalari based on its Victorian operations.

The trucking company currently makes an average 16 truck movements carrying 96 tonnes per truck a day from the SA mines.

That usually leads to 20,000-25,000 tonnes per shipload looked after by CSL Australia.

All options are being explored including other ports, an Iluka spokesperson tells ATN, but it seems unlikely at this stage that the rutile, ilmenite and zircon from the mines would be trucked to the respective destinations.

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