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Hyzon Motors and TR Group reveal commercial agreement

The revised deal will allow TR Group to trial fuel cell electric trucks

Hydrogen fuel cell technology company Hyzon Motors has announced a revised commercial agreement with heavy-duty truck fleet owner TR Group.

The deal will result in up to 20 fuel cell electric vehicles fitted with Hyzon’s single stack 200kW fuel cell system joining the TR fleet.

The first two trucks will be scheduled for commercial trial beginning in March 2024 and will be deployed for up to three months.

Following the trial, TR Group has the option to purchase the two trial trucks as well as to receive another 18 trucks from Hyzon’s Melbourne facility.

This new agreement cancels and supersedes a previous agreement from January 2021, with the latest deal providing a revised path for TR Group’s first Hyzon fuel cell truck deployments.

“We look forward to deploying the first trucks with 200kW fuel cell systems produced by Hyzon in heavy-duty operations with TR Group. It marks a significant step toward the full commercialisation of our single stack 200kW fuel cell system,” Hyzon CEO Parker Meeks says.

“The critical competitive advantages our system offers, including improvements in total volume, manufacturing costs, total weight and fuel efficiency, will help accelerate the decarbonisation of the transportation sector, with TR Group leading the way. Additionally, the upfitting contract in place for TR Group’s optional 18 FCEVs aligns with our cash-efficient and technology-focused business model.”

TR Group is a heavy commercial vehicle rental and lease partner in Australia and New Zealand.

For more than 30 years, TR Group has focused on understanding what vehicles its customers require and providing them with heavy commercial vehicle solutions to support the performance of their businesses.

“We have had great uptake from customers for these vehicles, who share similar values to ourselves when it comes to decarbonising the transport network and making the world a greener place,” TR Group general manager Brendan King says.

“We are serious about reducing our impact on the environment. Hyzon’s 200kW heavy-duty FCEV trucks give us real-world use of this zero-emission technology and allow us to develop solutions for local conditions.”

TR Group says the New Zealand government has been a key support in this project, awarding TR Group funding from the COVID Response and Recovery Fund and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).  

TR Group has an offtake agreement with Hiringa Energy for hydrogen supply. Hiringa has also received support from the New Zealand government to establish a hydrogen refuelling network, as part of the NZ$3 billion ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure program.

This announcement follows the commercial trial deployment of Hyzon’s first heavy-rigid fuel cell electric waste collection truck to REMONDIS Australia, one of the world’s largest recycling, service and water companies.

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