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Hyzon announces partnership to develop fuel cell refuse truck

Hyzon is aiming to build on previous experience with fuel cell trucks in Australia with its latest partnership

Global zero-emissions heavy vehicle supplier Hyzon is teaming up with North American company New Way Trucks to develop a fuel cell powered refuse vehicle for the continent. 

Hyzon CEO Parker Meeks says that hydrogen fuel cell technology is key to reducing emissions for many industries, including refuse collection. 

“Hyzon is primed to begin this partnership with New Way as we pursue a shared goal of decarbonising the refuse industry,” Meeks says. 

“The operational capabilities of our Australian fuel cell refuse collection truck trial helped demonstrate that hydrogen fuel cell technology is a viable replacement for traditional diesel engines when it comes to the heavy vehicle industry. 

“It also overcomes some of the inherent challenges identified with other zero emissions technologies such as range anxiety, severe operating temperatures and payload limitations.” 

Hyzon and New Way plan to start the advanced phase of truck development in the near future, with the initial base fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) prototype ready for integration with refuse collection equipment. 

Hyzon says it will be responsible for the supply and integration of its advanced fuel cell technology and integrated power train, while New Way will supply and integrate its prototype Sidewinder XTR automated side-load refuse body. 

“Partnering with Hyzon to bring North America’s first Class Eight FCEV refuse collection vehicle to life is a significant step in helping our customers meet their sustainability and decarbonisation objectives,” New Way chief sales officer Don Ross says. 

The development is expected to leverage Hyzon’s previous experience in developing this type of truck with Australian environmental organisation Remondis. 

Hyzon says the integration of FCEVs into refuse collection fleets in North America provides an opportunity to help decarbonise the industry and reduce noise pollution that come from diesel trucks. 

“It’s about providing solutions that align with our customers’ operational needs and sustainability goals,” Hyzon commercial vice president Steve Boyer says. 

“Working with a partner like New Way is invaluable. Our joint development efforts have the potential to set a new standard for the refuse industry.” 

Initial customers trial for the first prototype truck are planned to begin in the first half of 2024. Hyzon says that it is targeting initial commercial deliveries by 2025. 

“We look forward to learning how the new unit performs on route,” New Way chief product officer Eric Evans says. 

“New Way distributors and key customers are excited about the prospect of alternative powertrain options that leverage the learnings of BEV without performance compromises while aligning with emerging hydrogen technology and infrastructure investment.” 

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