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Hyundai Trucks claims Allison fully automatic first

Light duty Mighty range has 1000 Series with xFE as an option


Hyundai Trucks Australia (HTA) announces that Allison Automatics will now be offered as an option on its of Hyundai Mighty light duty range Australia, becoming the first light duty truck to offer an Allison fully automatic in this market.

The Allison 1000 Series with xFE technology is now available on all four Hyundai Mighty models from the 4.5-tonne GVM EX4 and 6.5-tonne EX6 to the 7.8-tonne GVM EX8 and 8.5-tonne GVM EX9 in Australia.

The Australian arm of the massive Korean vehicle maker believes the availability of an Allison fully automatic transmission will give the Hyundai brand great appeal in the light duty truck market and gives the Hyundai Mighty “a clear advantage over other light duty models from opposition brands”.

“Allison is the most respected name in commercial vehicle automatic transmissions and the inclusion of the Allison 1000 Series with xFE technology means the Hyundai Mighty now has the best automatic transmission available in the market,” HTA MD Dilip Kumar says. 

“Having the Allison 1000 xFE in our Hyundai Mighty will deliver greater durability, better efficiency and value as well as safer operation and it will give a clear competitive advantage over the competition.” 

Recognising the market’s focus on fuel economy, the choice of 1000 xFE transmission allows the combination of a unique hardware and FuelSense 2.0 software. 

“The FuelSense 2.0 software with DynActive shifting provides an infinitely variable combination of shift points, using a learning algorithm to continuously monitor and adjust shifting for the ideal balance of fuel economy and performance, based on the vehicle’s duty cycle,” HTA says. 

“This ensures the vehicle operates more efficiently, while still achieving the performance expected of an Allison. In addition, the 1000 xFE transmission is also equipped with a Low Rate Damper to further enhance driver comfort and reduce driveline shock, as compared to manual and automated manual transmissions.” 

According to HTA, the Allison 1000 xFE offers improved launch performance, increased productivity, smoother shifting, easier operation, and enhanced driver comfort, as compared to competitive manual and automated manual transmissions. It utilises a patented torque converter for a launching device, which offers superior performance and eliminates clutch replacements. 

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This results in increased economic value due to productivity and reduced downtime versus traditional manual and automated manual transmissions. Through the torque converter, the 1000 xFE will achieve optimised manoeuvering in confined spaces whether in city conditions or on construction sites.

“Automatics are clearly the preferred option for the majority of light and medium duty truck buyers today and not having an automatic available in our range until now has been a significant challenge for Hyundai Trucks Australia,” Kumar says.

The Mighty automatic is powered by the 127kW/608Nm version of Hyundai’s 3.9litre four-cylinder turbo inter-cooled diesel engine mated to the six-speed, fully automatic Allison 1000 Series xFE.

It is now available through Hyundai Trucks Australian dealer network.


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