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HVIA welcomes moves to delay RVS Act

Peak body notes recognition that government and industry are unready


The federal government’s intention to introduce legislation delaying the implementation date for the new Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) has been welcomed. 

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) formally expressed concerns last month about the amount of work required by both industry and government to implement the legislation within the allocated timeline, and requested the delay.

HVIA chief executive Todd Hacking says the legislation has significant ramifications for the heavy vehicle industry.

“HVIA now calls for bipartisan support for the measure, to allow industry and government to continue to work together to achieve the desired outcome,” Hacking says. 

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development had been working towards an implementation date of December 10.

The HVIA has been almost forensic in examining the reform in its draft form and its proposed implementation.

It notes the department has acknowledged that pushing back the commencement date will provide more time for industry and government to plan and implement changes to their business practices to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to the new legislative framework. 

HVIA has been working to prepare potentially impacted members including manufacturers who currently hold an approval under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act for vehicle, a component (CRN) or a sub-assembly (SARN).

Read how the RVSA Act came into being, here

“HVIA has been an active participant in the consultation group for the implementation of the legislation,” Hacking says.

“I think the catalyst for this decision was the invitation from HVIA for three representatives of the department to meet with people from industry at the Brisbane Truck Show.”

While at the truck show a meeting was organised between Department staff and a range of industry participants including major component suppliers and several consulting engineers involved in in certification of vehicles under the existing Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

“Meeting with affected people on the ground seemed to bring home the magnitude of the work required to get the RVSA legislation up and running,” Hacking says.

“The additional time will give industry and the department time to work through the remaining issues to ensure the implementation is successful.”

The department has been contacted for comment.


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