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HVIA lists PBS criticisms in latest discussion paper

The HVIA has offered ways to improve the PBS scheme in its comments for the PBS 2.0 discussion paper

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) says the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme should be better used in its comments on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s (NHVR) latest PBS 2.0 discussion paper.

The HVIA says the PBS scheme should be used as a mechanism for promoting the uptake of safer high-productivity vehicles.

The comments form part of the HVIA’s submission for the PBS 2.0 discussion paper after consulting with HVIA members and stakeholders.

The HVIA says PBS 1.0 was successful in sparking innovative approaches to vehicles designs but didn’t effectively open access for those vehicles.

The HVIA says it wants to work closely with the NHVR and road managers to see PBS 2.0 tackle these issues.

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In its submission, the HVIA says the lack of commitment to the PBS scheme’s original principles was PBS 1.0’s greatest weakness, labelling it a missed opportunity to take a stronger stance on ensuring that PBS vehicles have the same access as prescriptive counterparts and ensuring road managers are responsible for speeding access decisions and improving access.

The HVIA says it supports the NHVR board and ministers having flexibility to fine tune the standards and assessment rules relating to accelerated updates and the use of interim standards to test new technologies.

Lastly, the HVIA commented on its want to see the simplification of PBS administration to reduce compliance costs by using automation to streamline PBS processes and ensuring consistency and integrity throughout the process.

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