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HVIA delivers more safety and training courses

The HVIA has provided an update on its safety and training projects for tyre management and driving practices

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) has announced it is making progress on its safety projects while also introducing more courses courtesy of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

HVIA’s ‘Safety Through Education’ project is starting to gather pace with two best practice courses in the works with support from the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative and the federal government.

The project will deliver two interactive online training tools covering best practice procedures for load restraint and tyre management.

HVIA’s Paul Caus is leading the Best Practice Tyre Management project with the support of HVIA members and other industry stakeholders.

“Data shows that tyre failures can be catastrophic, and they are over-represented in crash statistics,” Caus says.

“Yet good and consistently applied tyre and wheel management systems makes such a good business case there is no reason to ignore it.”

Caus says the project will transform volumes of written guidance information into simple, immersive and practical online education courses.

“HVIA members have indicated that while good quality information is available, it is widely scattered,” he says.

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“Consequently, due to the effort involved in seeking these resources, Australian heavy vehicle operators tend to be poorly informed on best practice tyre management.

The HVIA says tyre and wheel management is key to both vehicle safety and productivity.

“Operators continue to poorly manage this critical component through poor selection when purchasing new tyres, not recognising the symptoms of unusual tyre wear or damage, and poor tyre in-service management,” Caus says.

The objective of the training module and guide is to assist operators in making sound purchasing and ongoing tyre management decisions.

“The course will guide operators into a program of best practice tyre management, including maintenance, rotation and replacement policies, understanding what to look for, how to perform daily checks, and what systems are available to improve the safety outcomes of the most critical and most consumable heavy vehicle component,” Caus says.

Caus says the course will be unveiled at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

“The courses will provide a relevant, accurate, immersive educational experience, on a proven platform, and will lead to improved safety outcomes,” he says.

“We hope every fleet owner or manager will see the value in making the course essential for anyone involved in their fleet operations and maintenance.”

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