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HVIA calls for access permit system overhaul

They say many heavy vehicles are currently idle due to access permit delays

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) is calling for an immediate and urgent overhaul to the access permit system for Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme vehicles.

They say that currently hundreds of PBS heavy vehicles are sitting idle instead of working to keep Australia moving, all because of access permit delays.

“It is unfathomable that a fleet operator will invest in the PBS system, spending tens of thousands of dollars to make their million-dollar combination safer and more productive, only to see it penalised for 50 or even 150 days due to bureaucratic dithering,” HVIA CE Todd Hacking says.

“Never has it been so important to have trucks moving.

“I challenge every state and local government with outstanding applications to clear the backlog immediately.”

Under the current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), a road manager is given 28 days to decide on a PBS access permit application.

The HVIA say there are hundreds of PBS vehicles parked up, with road managers routinely not meeting the legislated 28-day timeframe to decide on access permit applications.

“The PBS scheme is intended to facilitate access rather than be a barrier to access,” Hacking says.

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HNVL access provisions are currently under review by the National Transport Commission (NTC).

The HVIA has called for a system where:

  • NHVR grants approvals are based on precedent whenever applicable
  • All permits approvals are published and there are appeals mechanisms for refused applications
  • A built-in statutory approval for the permit if the 28-day timeframe lapses
  • Road managers can use third-party approved persons to approve applications
  • A call-in power for the NHVR to access and approve low risk applications
  • An urgent commitment to share bridge rating assessment data
  • Automatic approval for applications that meet the Tier 1 or Tier 2 bridge formulae


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