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Hume speed cameras to go live again

Camera software has been updated and a secondary timing device added, police say

August 15, 2012

Fixed speed cameras will be reactivated on the Hume Highway in Victoria next week.

They will detect point-to-point breaches, and for the first time, instantaneous offences.

Victoria Police road policing Assistant Commissioner Robert Hill says the cameras will provide greater coverage of speed offences along the highway.

More than 19,000 speeding offences were detected during the 60-day testing period of the cameras this year, which has identified two different types of driver behaviour, he adds.

“Those who sped over distance, knowing where the cameras were and choosing to slow down to avoid detection, and those that sped at specific locations and were caught by the instantaneous cameras,” Hill says.

“Neither type of behaviour has a place on our roads.”

More than 412 drivers were detected at speeds that would have seen them lose their licence, he adds.

“This new approach means being able to identify the two different types of driver behaviour and enforcing through these cameras – ultimately getting all drivers to slow down and reduce road trauma.”

There have been 22 fatalities on the highway over the past three years, with more than 1000 collisions.

The cameras have undergone rigorous testing since they were deactivated in October 2010 following a timing issue.

The camera software has been updated and a secondary timing device has been installed, which verifies the accuracy of the speed recorded between two points.

Hill says he is confident that the cameras are now accurate.

“We know that speed is a major factor in about one third of fatal collisions each year.

“Cameras help to reduce road trauma and death on the state’s roads and are an important part of our overall enforcement approach.

“The Victorian Auditor General conducted a thorough review into the state’s speed cameras system last year and its findings were very strong.

“It found that both the technology and systems in place around the Victorian camera program are sounds and that the community can place a high degree of confidence in the accuracy and fairness of the system.”

There are two enforcement zones as part of the Hume Highway camera system in each travel direction.

In each zone there will be both point-to-point sections and instantaneous detection points.

If motorists are detected speeding more than once, they will only receive one infringement notice per zone.

The cameras will be turned back on during the week commencing August 20.

Variable message sign boards will be in place on the highway from today informing motorists that the cameras will be switched on back soon.

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