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HRD Builders and Earthworks turns to Isuzu for latest trucks

HRD fleet owner Reilly Hutchinson says he’s been impressed with the wide array of features on the company’s new Isuzu trucks

Queensland company HRD Builders and Earthworks has turned to Isuzu to add to its fleet, purchasing Isuzu’s NPR 55-155 Tradepack and NMR 60-150 Tipper. 

The Gold Coast-based business has expanded into two areas of expertise over the past decade, with the Builders branch taking care of all building works while Earthworks handles landscaping and earthmoving jobs. 

“I went with the Tradepack specifically to cater for my building needs as I found there’s not many utes on the market that can tow and carry heavy loads at the same time,” HRD Builders and Earthworks owner Reilly Hutchinson says. 

“I’ve found the truck was affordable, very practical and it does the job really well. 

“The Tradepack is my truck for running around all day in and, with the inbuilt toolbox on the tray, I have everything required if I need to help out onsite.” 

Hutchinson says the Tradepack has many impressive features, including its increased cabin space that provides ample storage for paperwork and necessities and its 5,500kg gross vehicle mass (GVM). 

Hutchinson says the six-tonne GVM Tipper builds on the Tradepack with its tipper tray capacity that bolsters his ability to tow loads of equipment and cart away rubble while easily using a standard car driver’s license. 

“Both our new Isuzu trucks have made things easier, reducing the amount of time that we need to tow a trailer because they’ve got so much tray space,” Hutchinson says. 

“This matters when you’re driving through the inner city of Brisbane, when parking and getting in and out of a job is easier because you don’t have a big trailer behind you. 

“With the Tipper, it can fit into backyards, car parks – anywhere you expect to fit a car, you can fit this truck.” 

Hutchinson says his broader fleet supports his pride in the business and allows him to provide a level of professionalism and efficiency with clients. 

“We’ve nurtured a really good rapport with customers so they’re comfortable speaking plainly and laying out exactly what their needs are,” Hutchinson says. 

“What motivates me more than anything is building the brand. 

“I plan to diversify and expand both businesses in the near future – I would purchase from Isuzu again to support this.” 

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