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Hino rolls out smart multimedia across range

The Android-based multi-touch digital device offers real-time connectivity


Hino Australia has introduced a new smart multimedia system across its range of light, medium and heavy duty trucks this year.

The system offers advanced connectivity and entertainment functionality along with a reversing camera feature, and optional vehicle operational information and driver information.

An integrated truck-specific GPS navigation can be optionally enabled and delivers truck-routing information based on the vehicle’s configuration, lane use restrictions and real-time traffic information.

“For Hino, the smart multimedia system is a platform for customers to remain connected with their business while on the road through a bespoke collection of apps,” Hino Australia product strategy manager Daniel Petrovski says.

“The world we live in is a connected one, and the smart multimedia system enables that.

“This system is a building block for the future and can be added to or customised by the customer – the potential is endless for customers to develop and use apps that save them time and money, while maximising the safety of their drivers and fleet.”

First introduced with the launch of the new Hino 500 Series Standard Cab earlier this year, the smart multimedia system is an Android-based 6.5’’ capacitive multi-touch digital device, mounted in the central dashboard.

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Along with its standard reversing camera, the multimedia system has AM/FM / DAB+ digital radio and Wi-Fi connectivity and the latest version of Bluetooth tethering enables better call handling, profile pictures and improved speech to text functionality.

The system also includes an optional dual-channel digital video camera recorder (DVR) feature, and a four-way camera display with lane change assist and tyre pressure monitoring functions.

The new multimedia system DVR offers the driver the ability to view and upload recorded footage, and supports a lockable SD card that prevents tampering.

The new four-way camera display can be automatically triggered to capture its surroundings by activation of either the left or right indicators, hazards or reversing functions.

The optional GPS navigational system offers vehicle-specific route choice and additional information on truck speed limits, bridge clearances, lane use restrictions and real-time traffic advisory notifications to the driver, such as flows, accidents and incidents, to provide the most efficient route for trucks.

This option also includes three years of quarterly over-the-air map updates, which is another first for the Australian truck industry, Hino says.

Another feature is a curated Hino application store that allows the creation of customised apps for the driver and/or fleet ranging from weather information, closest petrol station or parking, info and entertainment, such as audio books and digital music.

“In the future, it will include bespoke dispatching apps, which will further simplify vehicle operations for the fleet manager and driver, enhancing productivity and efficiency for Hino customers,” Petrovski says.

“The all-new smart multimedia is complemented by Hino Traq telematics which provides real-time tracking and vehicle operational information such as operating time, fuel usage, driver safety and whole-of-fleet monitoring, which accessible through the Hino Traq on-line portal.”

Meanwhile, in Japan, Hino has added Driver Monitor II technology to its medium-duty Ranger model.

The update improves the accuracy of the monitor camera and changes the camera installation position to a pillar for easier facial and posture-collapse recognition .


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