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Hino Australia looking abroad to fix skills shortage

The vehicle brand will continue recruiting from overseas to get more skilled technicians

Hino Australia says it’s introducing 15 experienced technicians from the Philippines while starting another round of international recruitment to address a national shortage of skilled heavy vehicle mechanics.

Hino launched its first international recruitment drive late in 2019, resulting in 20 technicians being employed, only for COVID-related border closures to delay the process.

But Hino Australia now says it is back on track to continue recruiting international workers will plenty of skill to the country’s operations.

“We currently have 15 of the 20 technicians working in dealerships around the country with the remainder due to arrive in the coming months,” Hino Australia GM for service and customer support Gus Belanszky says.

“The enthusiasm, knowledge and skills of the technicians so far has been impressive and they will all undergo extensive training at Hino Australia’s headquarters to provide them with all the expertise necessary to meet our standards.”

Hino Australia says dealerships like Melbourne’s Prestige Hino have been recruiting Filipino technicians for many years, with new workers such as Tito Sagaral Jr and Roden Ofilan joining a team of Filipino technicians at the dealership to provide high quality service.

Alongside Prestige Hino, Brisbane’s Sci-Fleet Hino dealership is also welcoming four Filipino technicians in Melecio Flojo, Bengie Pasaylo, Angelo Marasigan and Lindyl De Luna to its Eagle Farm and Coopers Plains sites.

“It’s been great to welcome Melecio, Bengie, Angelo and Lindyl to Sci-Fleet – we have been really impressed with their willingness to learn about Hino, our people, customers and products,” Sci-Fleet Hino Eagle Farm service manager Sam Torpy says.

“They have excellent experience and knowledge and we look forward to them being part of our team for a long time to come.”

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Other dealerships including CMI Hino Adelaide and Melbourne, WA Hino and Wagga Trucks have also recruited Filipino technicians, while Adtrans Hino in Sydney has technicians arriving soon from overseas.

Hino Australia will now turn to its second round of international recruitment, with more dealerships expected to participate.

“The drought of heavy vehicle mechanics is an industry-wide problem, which is why its listed as a skills shortage on the federal government’s medium and long-term strategic skill list,” Belanszky says.

“In addition to learning and development, we also reward performance with the implementation of the Hino Master Technician program, which provides pathways to progress through various levels of accreditation.”

Along with the skills contest and guild program, Hino Australia will continue focusing on best service with its new employees.

“The importance of our technicians to Hino Australia can’t be underestimated,” Belanszky says.

“This is why we continue to invest in them and their development.”

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