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Hino 300 series models recalled

Notice affects more than 9,000 vehicles sold by Hino Motors


Recalls have been issued of Hino 300 series models over two separate issues yesterday.

The recall affects a total of 9,183 vehicles sold by Hino Motors worldwide.

The first recall (see VIN numbers) is in relation to a fuel filter element that is unable to withstand frequent changes in the fuel pressure.

“The fuel filter element installed on the engine may crack if the engine is started and stopped frequently, as durability of the fuel filter element is not enough to endure changes in the fuel pressure,” the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) notice states.

“The crack in fuel filter element may spread if the vehicle continues to be used. This can cause the element to break, resulting in fuel leakage.”

This, the company informs ATN, is an “expansion of a previous recall”.

The second recall (see VIN numbers) is related to an instrument panel brace issue that can cause the engine to stop while the vehicle is being operated.

“The instrument panel brace may interfere with the wire harness,” the ACC notes.

“This interference may cause the wire harness to become damaged by the edge of the brace, causing a short circuit.

“This may cause the engine to stop whilst the vehicle is being operated.”

Owners are being asked to return their vehicles to authorised Hino Australia dealers for inspection and repair.

The news came the same day Hino Australia unveiled its new 500 series wide cab.

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