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TIC highlights heavy-duty leading sales charge

Latest Truck Industry Council numbers point to a positive 2016


­The heavy-duty truck market made waves in November according to the latest figures from the Truck Industry Council (TIC), with numbers besting both the October and 2015 numbers.

While total truck sales for the month improved on last November by 3.6 per cent to 2,956, the improvement comes off the back of the heavy-duty segment as the only one to equal or surpass their equivalent 2015 figures, TIC notes.

The improvement, up 21.3 per cent or 171 trucks on 2015 and up 11.7 per cent or 102 trucks on October, means 973 heavy-duty trucks were sold over the month and the year-to-date sales numbers have clawed back to be just 1.1 per cent behind 2015’s numbers.

In comparison, the light-duty van segment continued its poor run with a sales drop of 12.5 per cent or 66 vans over the month.

Van sales reached 464 units over November, leaving the year-to-date numbers in 2016 sitting 2.1 per cent or 105 vans behind 2015.

The TIC says it’s not all doom-and-gloom for the segment however, once it is put into context.

“This must be put in context, with 2015 van sales breaking all previous sales records in Australia, the year-to-date numbers in 2016 are the second best result ever recorded,” it says.

That good news should continue, the TIC president Phil Taylor says, with numbers pointing to the strongest year since the global financial crisis.

“With just December results to come, new truck sales in 2016 should see the best post GFC results for the industry, better than those recorded in 2015, albeit with growth coming in the Medium and Light Truck segments only,” Taylor says.

“And despite the final result in 2016, it will be well short of pre-GFC sales by a few thousand truck sales”.   

The final two segments – medium-duty and light-duty trucks – produced mixed results in November.

The medium-duty section was down slightly, falling 1.3 per cent or eight trucks, but the dip didn’t see the segment fall behind 2015 in the year-to-date comparison as it remains 4.6 per cent ahead.

The light-duty truck sales figure was a positive one, though by only 0.7 per cent or six trucks.

Like the medium-duty segment, the light-duty market remains ahead of the 2015 numbers in a year-to-date comparison, sitting 10 per cent or 890 trucks in the lead.

Up to December, 6,369 medium-duty trucks and 9,774 light-duty models have been sold.



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