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Half-year new truck sale records topple

Several new truck sale records were smashed last month as the 2022 half-year results came in

June saw new heavy vehicle sales reach higher and higher, falling just short of the 5,000 unit mark with 4,987. This is the highest June result on record, beating last year’s June by 246 units. This brings the first half of 2022 to a total of 20,887 heavy vehicles delivered – again setting a new record and smashing the previous record holder 2018 by an impressive 917 units. 


A third record was topped by the heavy-duty segment, which saw 1,594 trucks delivered. This surpasses the previous record of 1,433 set in June 2018 and shows growth of 16 per cent compared to the same time last year to put heavy-duty sales at 6,916 units for the first six months of 2022.

Kenworth remained in front in June with 298 vehicles sold, though this was a drop from June 2021’s 325, while Volvo wasn’t far behind with 266 – a significant increase on last year’s 146. At the year to date (YTD) level, however, Kenworth is still comfortably in front with 1,420 compared to Volvo’s 1,021. Isuzu came in third with 200, up from June 2021’s 118, to give it a YTD of 1,010 – so snapping at the heels of Volvo.

Scania retained fourth place from May with a total of 128, showing a slight gain on last June’s 122 and just edging ahead of UD Trucks’ 125, bringing the brands to a YTD of 483 and 460, respectively. In the double-figure range Hino saw an increase of 18 units on last June to reach 97, while Mercedes-Benz went the opposite direction with a drop of 47 units on June 2021 to reach 92. Fuso and Mack were just one unit apart in June with 76 and 75, respectively, but at the YTD level Mack is outstripping Fuso by 38 units (384/346). Of the remainder, Iveco (60/43), Freightliner (53/30) and MAN (30/24) saw gains on the same time last year, but Western Star (25/42) and Dennis Eagle (9/30) saw losses. 


The medium-duty segment continues to show strong gains over 2021 with a total of 997 deliveries in June – a gain of 163 vehicles compared to the same time last year. It was also a significant jump on May 2022’s result of 681 as the end of the financial year hove into view. This brings the YTD to 3,961, which is a growth of 12 per cent on 2021’s half-year result.

Isuzu, as ever, is streaking ahead with a June 2022 result of 417 a massive gain on last June’s 286 and 88 more than second place Hino. This brings it to a YTD of 1,758. Second place Hino is no slouch however with 329 units sold, putting it ahead by 36 compared to June 2021 and giving it a YTD of 1,254. Numbers drop sharply from this point with Fuso recording 137 deliveries, down from June 2021’s 182, and fourth place Iveco recording 33, though this was up from May’s 19 and last June’s eight.


Finally, we have yet another record broken with the light-duty segment bringing 1,751 to the party – up 131 on the previous record holder June 2021. This brings the light-duty YTD to 7,517, which is a huge 647 units ahead of last year’s first half. 

The difference between manufacturers is most stark in this segment, with Isuzu responsible for 44 per cent of the half year total just by itself with a YTD of 3,275. It recorded 904 units in June, a jump of 264 compared to May and 223 ahead of last June. Second place Hino recorded 385, just a few units short of 2021’s 389, but in YTD terms it is up 110 units on 2021 (1,748/1,638). Fuso was the last in triple figures with 242, down from June 2021’s 298, while fourth place Iveco recorded 74, down from June 2021’s 132. Of the remainder, Fiat showed the largest gain on last year with 41 units delivered in June 2022 compared to 10 last year.

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