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Greens push electric heavy vehicle uptake package

The Greens pledges to fund a SA-led electric heavy vehicle manufacturing program

The Australian Greens’ Party has kicked off its election campaign in South Australia, saying it plans to implement a $6.1 billion funding program to boost the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia.

The party says in the balance of power it will push for a SA-focused package to support the electric industry in the state, including heavy vehicles, while also re-establishing the manufacturing industry in Australia.

The Greens plan to invest the money over the next three years, providing $1.2 billion to manufacturers of electric vehicles and components in Australia to help build the nation’s EV manufacturing industry.

The party says it will also work to reduce the cost of an electric vehicle by up to $15,000 while legislating tough vehicle pollution standards to drive down emissions and end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

Included in this package is a plan to build a $2 billion publicly owned EV fast charging network for motorists and heavy vehicle operators alike, with the goal being to electrify the Commonwealth fleet by 2025 to drive the second-hand vehicle market.

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“In a few years’ time, the whole country could be driving South Australian-made electric cars and heavy vehicles,” Greens leader Adam Bandt says.

“As well as making electric cars and heavy vehicles here, we’ll also make them cheaper to buy and easier to recharge, as the war in Ukraine shows us just how exposed we are if we rely on another country’s oil to get around.”

Greens lead Senate candidate for SA Barbara Pocock says: “Making electric vehicles here will mean thousands of jobs for South Australians. It will also have flow on benefits supporting research, development and manufacturing across the country.”

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