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Greenpeace calls on strong fuel efficiency standards to lower rising transport emissions

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is calling on stronger fuel efficiency standards to help welcome in more electric vehicles into the Australian transport industry

Greenpeace Australia Pacific says as transport emissions accelerate, the federal government must deliver on strong fuel efficiency standards for a safer climate.

As the federal government’s pledge to introduce vehicle pollution caps receives “overwhelming” support, Greenpeace says the government must now deliver on an ambitious, strong, loophole-free standards that delivers real emissions reductions for the sake of communities and the planet.

“Australians want access to more affordable electric vehicles, but right now, we’re being held back by a lack of strong fuel efficiency standards. Strong vehicle pollution caps will be crucial if Australia is to meet our climate targets,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific campaigner Joe Rafalowicz says.

“Yet we know that the petrol-pushing car lobby are determined to sway policy-makers to weaken this vital climate legislation. 

“We urge the federal government not to be distracted or delayed by any push from the petrol car lobbyists to include so-called ‘multiplier credits’ in a fuel efficiency scheme.”

Rafalowicz says in a climate crisis there’s no time for any tricks or distractions that he says petrol car lobbyists “want to use to obscure their climate wrecking-emissions”.

Instead, he is calling for Australia to unlock a supply of affordable and accessible electric vehicles through strong fuel efficiency standards to help manage the rising cost of living.

“What we need are real solutions, which means real world emissions reductions,” he says.

“The Australian public have spoken – they want access to safer, cleaner transport that won’t cost us the Earth or our hip pocket. A strong scheme without loopholes or accounting tricks is crucial to achieving just that.”

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