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GrainCorp proposes new WA bulk liquids facility

$52 million Kwanina development bid under EPA microscope


Grain-handling firm GrainCorp’s Liquid Terminals Australia arm is planning to develop a bulk liquids terminal in Kwanina, Western Australia.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Western Australia is reviewing the application for development on Lot 108 Kwinana Beach Road, Kwinana Beach, within the state agency DevelopmentWA-owned Kwinana Strategic Industrial Area.

The 57,000 square-metre site, which is noted as being vacant since the early 2000s, will be leased to Graincorp, with initial development to comprise 27,000sqm at a cost of $52 million.

The site would store liquid fertiliser (urea ammonium nitrate (UAN)), tallow, vegetable and used cooking oils, industrial solvent, and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide).

“All products will be transferred from ships at the Fremantle Ports Kwinana Bulk Jetty to the project site via pipeline, to be stored in dedicated tanks,” the proposal explains.

“As required, liquids will be pumped to trucks via loading gantries, to be dispatched off the project site.

“Some products may be received via road tankers, stored, then transferred to the Kwinana Bulk Jetty to be distributed by ship.”

Access to the project site would be via a private internal access road from a single entry/exit point to Kwinana Beach Road on the southern boundary of the site.

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Operations are listed as:

  • transfer of bulk liquids to and from the Kwinana Bulk Jetty via a new constructed transfer pipeline
  • storage of a maximum 27,000m3 of UAN (urea ammonium nitrate liquid fertiliser solution), and a maximum 20,000 m3 of a range of products including tallow, vegetable and used cooking oils, industrial solvent and caustic soda 33 per cent (sodium hydroxide) in above-ground bulk liquid storage tanks
  • transfer from tanks to road tankers via loading gantries
  • delivery to local and regional sites via road tankers.


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