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Government releases proposals for two new ADRs

The HVIA says two new ADRs have been proposed for zero-emissions vehicles

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) says the federal government has released two proposed Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for consultation relating to the safety of electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The two proposed ADRs include ADR 109/00 relating to electric power train safety requirements and ADR 110/00 for hydrogen fuel cell vehicle safety related performance.

The ADRs will be applicable to all zero-emissions vehicles of vehicle categories MA, MB, MC, MD, ME, NA, NB and NC.

The HVIA says both proposed ADRs address safety issues in areas of high voltage as well as the high-pressure storage systems associated with hydrogen fuel systems.

The purpose of the ADRs will be to ensure the safety of zero-emissions vehicles, including the protection for occupants, first responders and the wider community.

The HVIA says ADRs 109/00 and 110/00 will harmonise with the relevant international standards, including UN Regulations Number 100 and 134 respectively.

The proposed application dates include November 1, 2023 for all new model vehicles and then November 1, 2024 for all vehicles.

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The HVIA says new ADRs for electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles propulsion systems technology have been prioritised due to strong advocacy by industry and other stakeholders.

The Office of Impact Analysis has assessed the introduction of these ADRs as unlikely to have more than minor regulatory impact.

Therefore, no impact assessment has been prepared and the consultation is limited to the relevant ADRs and associated Explanatory Statements.

These instruments are open for public comment from February 1, 2023 for an eight-week period.

Members are requested to provide any feedback by COB March 27, 2023.

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