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Government consultation to kickstart Aussie biofuel industry

The federal government has started its consultation phase to kickstart the emerging low carbon liquid fuels (LCLF) industry

The federal government’s 2024-25 budget commitment to the emerging biofuel industry has taken a leap forward, with the opening of the consultation phase on all aspects of the industry from farm and feedstock to bowser. 

The government’s commitment to sustainable fuels is part of the $22.7 billion Future Made in Australia Package which was announced in the 2024-25 federal budget. It includes $18.5 million committed over four years to develop a certification scheme for these fuels. 

LCLF has been identified as a priority sector in the country’s net-zero goal, and the consultation paper will help shape the development of policy around the industry’s attempts to decarbonise the transport sector. 

Advanced biofuels are compatible with existing fuel infrastructure and can be produced from feedstocks, some of which is currently being exported. 

Federal infrastructure, transport, regional development and local government minister Catherine King believes Australia should be using its resources to make its own biofuel. 

“Our country currently exports a significant amount of canola and tallow each year, which is used to produce biofuels in Europe,” King says. 

“As part of our government’s commitment to a Future Made in Australia, we should be producing it right here, on our shores. 

“An Australian low carbon liquid fuel industry will make great use of existing resources, create new jobs in our regions, and provide the drop in fuel solutions our transport sector needs to assist them on their decarbonisation journey.” 

Consultation on A Future Made in Australia: Unlocking Australia’s low carbon liquid fuel opportunity will close on July 18, 2024. 

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