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Government announces Sydney to Newcastle high-speed rail case funding

The government will deliver $78.8 million to a business case that it says “is more than just a transport project”

The federal government has announced it is allocating $78.8 million to deliver an initial business case on the proposed Sydney to Newcastle high-speed rail project.

Through the High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA), the funding will help determine the important aspects of the new rail network, including the proposed alignment, station locations, the type of train to be used and the estimated cost and timeframe for construction.

The federal government says delivering high-speed rail between Sydney and Newcastle will be a crucial waypoint towards the government’s commitment to build a high-speed rail network along Australia’s east coast.

In the government’s first budget, it committed $500 million to the early stages of developing high-speed rail, including business case works such as this recently announced case.

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The funding will support the proper planning that is crucial to the success of the significant infrastructure project while also helping to bring high-speed rail one step closer to construction in Australia.

“High-speed rail is a transformative project that will change travel between cities and provide a catalyst for economic development in regional areas,” federal transport and infrastructure minister Catherine King says.

“This is more than just a transport project. It will create jobs, improve productivity and support Australia’s progress on environmental outcomes.”

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