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Glow in the dark road marking trials being planned

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is currently working with the Victorian Department of Transport to develop a framework to trial glow in the dark line markings in regional Victoria

The new type of photo-luminescent paint reaches beyond headlight range to drivers can see further ahead where the edges of the road and upcoming curves may be.

“ARRB sees that there is great potential for self-illuminating line marking to provide safety benefits on roads with sharp crests and tight curves of a complex alignment,” says ARRB national portfolio leader for safer asset performance David Milling.

“This is because a car’s headlights are unable to illuminate the line marking in front of the vehicle, whereas self-illuminating lines are not limited by the direction the headlights are pointing.”

As well as being a cost-effective solution for more rural roads where installing street lighting would be cost prohibitive or impractical, using the glow in the dark paint would also reduce light pollution.

ARRB is looking to undertake trials in Victoria to identify the performance of the paint in wet weather, as well as whether the lines are easily detectable by automated vehicles throughout the day and night.

“ARRB is eager to work with road agencies and manufacturers/suppliers to identify how the product performs over time, specifically how long the self-illumination is sustained at adequate levels throughout the night when installed, and after several months and years of installation,” says Milling.

ARRB is speaking with several state road authorities to explore if the technology can be used on a broader scale.

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