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Girteka Group appoints new TNDM Trucking CEO

Under the Girteka Group’s companies, TNDM Trucking is looking to go to the next level with its latest appointment

Following the continuation of leadership changes for logistics and transport company Girteka Group, it has announced a new CEO for TNDM Trucking.

Andrius Ivašauskas has been appointed as the new CEO of TNDM from March 20 onwards to allow TNDM Trucking to continue growing since its inception in 2016.

Girteka Group says it hopes with a new CEO in place, TNDM Trucking will be able to strengthen its unique dedicated trucking business model and contribute to the growth of the overall group.

Following the split up of the companies into independent entities back in November 2022, TNDM Trucking, one of the Girteka Group’s companies, has changed its leadership.

From March 20, Ivašauskas took the role of CEO of TNDM Trucking from Sigitas Meilūnas, who developed TNDM Trucking from a smaller 20 million Euro business into a well prospering 100 million Euro logistics services provider.

Girteka Group says Ivašauskas has lengthy experience in the logistics sector, serving as the Head of Freight Forwarding department at Finėjas and as the CEO of Motusbona, both companies belonging to the Finėjas Group, where he also held the position of a board member.

“We continue to strengthen and restructure our European business to make it more profitable and sustainable in the long-term. I am happy to announce that Andrius accepted our offer to join the Girteka Group as CEO of the TNDM Trucking business,” Girteka Group CEO Edvardas Liachovičius says.

“I am sure that his broad experience in logistics and banking sectors will strengthen our leadership. Together, we can firmly continue on the Group’s path towards becoming one of the top 10 logistics companies in Europe.”

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TNDM Trucking (formerly known as Girteka Fleet) provides individual dedicated services for transport and forwarding companies. The carrier offers tailored transportation services that include dedicated trucks, trailers and drivers for round-trip deliveries in main European markets, like Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Spain.

With the flexibility and reliability that comes with the capacity of their fleet, TNDM Trucking supports other logistics companies in stabilising peaks and meeting the demand for road transportation services.

“I am very happy with my experience and what I managed to achieve, as well as the joy that a leader who has a such great experience is taking over TNDM management,” former TNDM Trucking CEO Sigitas Meilunas says.

Ivašauskas says he’s looking forward to meeting his new colleagues at TNDM Trucking.

“I am sure that together we will build a team that embraces change and is ready to reach the high ambition set out for our business. Expertise in logistics, operational excellence, and customer centricity are our main focus areas for continuing improvement and building sustainable long-term partnerships with our clients,” he says.

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