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Girteka and CargoBeamer celebrate achievement

A partnership between two European companies continues to grow

Girteka and CargoBeamer have reached a significant milestone in their partnership with the 20,000th Girteka semi-trailer transport placed on a CargoBeamer train since the start of their collaboration.

Since October 2017, the two major European companies have collaborated on many projects, including testing several trains between Germany and Lithuania in 2020 as well as extending their partnership to two new intermodal routes in January 2022.

More than 25 per cent of Europe’s total emissions reportedly come from road transport, with the continent outlining a strategy aiming for a 55 per cent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

With intermodal transport solutions one of the ways of achieving this target, Girteka and CargoBeamer have taken on the mission to make freight transportation more environmentally friendly together.

“The flexibility and capacity that large logistics companies like Girteka bring to the table are indispensable in keeping Europe’s good flowing, especially in uncertain times,” CargoBeamer Chief Operating Officer Boris Timm says.

“By integrating road and rail through intermodal solutions we are creating a logistics network that is not only more sustainable but also more adaptable to the challenges ahead.

“We are very happy to have Girteka on board as a cornerstone customer for many years now and were excited to celebrate the 20,00th Girteka trailer transported on our trains recently.”

Since the beginning of their collaboration the two companies have saved a total of 16,617 tonnes of CO₂ emissions compared to what would have been emitted using road transport only. Total emissions reduction amounts to almost three per cent of Malta’s quarterly emissions.

“We are not just moving goods from point A to B. We are committed to doing it in a way that is kinder to the Earth,” Girteka Europe West CEO Mindaugas Pasilaukas says.

“CargoBeamer helps us do that by making it easier and faster to switch from road to rail, which significantly cuts down on carbon emissions.”

In partnership with CargoBeamer, Girteka has covered more than 17.2 million kilometres of its cargo deliveries.

CargoBeamer’s innovative horizontal and parallel loading and unloading technology allows for the quick handling of full intermodal trains in record times of about 20 minutes, allowing cargo to be delivered in approximately 22 hours while covering 825km.

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