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Geotab teams up with Rosco Vision for new camera

The fleet management software now offers video streaming


Global fleet management and fleet tracking solutions supplier Geotab has announced a new partnership with Rosco Vision Systems to bring its Dual-Vision XC4 video camera to the Geotab Marketplace.

Rosco Visions System’s camera solution, which can support up to four cameras, records both continuous and event video in High Definition (HD) to assist fleet operators in monitoring driver performance and capturing accident information.

Added to a customer’s Geotab solution through the integration of the RoscoLive add-in, the new partnership will offer transport operators a clearer picture of their fleet, Geotab CEO Neil Cawse says.

“Enhancing fleet safety is a top priority for Geotab, making Rosco Vision Systems a great addition to our Marketplace” Cawse says.

“Our customers now have the ability to view and improve driver performance and compliance in real-time with this exciting integrated HD video solution.”

The Dual-Vision XC4 from Rosco, a North American bus mirror and camera technology manufacturer, provides drivers with real-time feedback through audible chimes.

Should a driver breach the predetermined speed limit or its G-force settings have been exceeded, the device alerts the driver to reinforce safe driving habits.

Fitted with Wi-Fi capabilities, the system can automatically download its recordings to a computer once the truck has arrived at the depot, and thanks to its mobile capabilities, it can also stream video live video to fleet managers for review.

Rosco sales and marketing director Peter Plate says the partnership is great news for fleets.

“Telematics and video have finally converged with development of a true commercial fleet quality solution,” he says.

“We are delighted to partner with an industry leader in Geotab and offer Dual-Vision to their powerful dealer network and outstanding fleet customers.”


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