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Geotab grows brand awareness and capabilities in Australian truck market

Through association partnerships and new device innovations, Geotab’s complete suite of products is quickly becoming a hit in the Australian transport industry

Nowadays, fleet management and telematics devices have numerous benefits. Back in the day, these solutions would solely provide vehicle tracking for fleet managers.

At the cutting edge of telematics systems, Geotab APAC assistant vice president of sales David Brown says the brand’s product suite has various ways it is helping Australian transport operators.

“There’s a number of ways that fleets are able to save money through our fleet management software,” Brown told ATN.

“The hardware installed in the vehicles lead to our software solution that can help in terms of predictive maintenance, detailed information and fuel efficiency.

“We’ve found that, on average, drivers take two weeks to tell anyone if there’s something flashing on the dashboard. This is where telematics plays a big part in predictive maintenance to notify fleet managers if something is wrong and get it fixed before it turns into a worse problem and costs the operator more money.”

Through this monitoring of vehicles and drivers, Geotab’s devices can also look at driver behaviour and the role it plays in vehicle maintenance. If a particular driver’s behaviour is erratic on the roads and is causing vehicle issues through heavy braking or harsh steering, Geotab’s system can pick this up and allow fleet managers to better coach drivers to drive safer and more efficiently.

This then leads to ways that Geotab’s fleet management tools can improve road safety. With the Australian road toll increasing over recent years, Brown says many operators are only just starting to understand the benefits that telematics devices can have in making roads safer.

“A lot of trucking companies who have large fleets around the country, especially in remote areas, require telematics in their vehicles to track people and ensure they’re safe,” Brown says.

“You can’t ensure that a vehicle and its driver is operating safely unless you track all of its data and journeys.

“Visibility is a key benefit that telematics information provides fleet managers to ensure drivers and road users are safe.”

This safety feature of Geotab’s telematics systems also spread to regional areas, where Geotab’s solutions switch to satellites to track and communicate with vehicles in places out of cellular range. This means that fleet managers can always see where their vehicles are, even when they’re in a remote area with no cell coverage.

“If there’s any issues or urgent help is needed, the driver can simply press a button and they’ll receive help as fast as possible,” Brown says.

“Through these features, telematics is playing a pivotal role in keeping people safe on the roads.”

Still on the safety topic, another stream that Geotab’s systems are providing benefits in is fatigue management. Instead of using paper logbooks, Brown says Geotab’s devices are autonomously tracking drivers’ schedules to ensure they take adequate breaks at the appropriate times. With camera solutions also available, Geotab can detect signs of fatigue, such as yawning or closing eyes, and provide alerts to keep drivers safe and well-rested when operating heavy vehicles.

Geotab’s systems even include its own electronic work diary to virtually track complex documentation and make fatigue management an easier process for fleet managers. Brown admits that Geotab is still “relatively new as a brand in Australia”, but its global expertise is connecting more than four million vehicles around the world.

“We’re still growing our reputation in Australia – but the ease of installation of our systems is quickly making it a popular option for trucking companies,” Brown says.

“Our solution is extremely simple to install and run. It simply plugs into a truck and the information starts flowing.”

Image: Geotab

The system can be fitted on either diesel or electric trucks, meaning it fits a wide range of fleets. For electric trucks, Geotab’s telematics devices can track battery health, charge percentage and driver behaviour for a whole new way of driving zero-emissions vehicles.

All of this connects back to the MyGeotab platform, ensuring an open platform for all members of an operator.

“What’s important is having such an extremely open platform that is easy to integrate with and can bring third-party devices into it,” Brown says.

“We work with a lot of asset tracking companies to integrate them with our interface.”

By itself, Brown says MyGeotab has become a very popular option and managing platform for operators. Geotab is continually adding to this system, meaning more benefits continue to flow through. A recent feature introduced is the Geotab data connector that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle all issues and advise on efficiency.

The idea is to provide operators with information as fast as possible to allow them to make important decisions quickly and efficiently.

These developments have been enhanced by Geotab also recently becoming a partner of the Australian Trucking Association (ATA). Brown says Geotab is proud to be involved with the ATA.

“We’re very focused on the truck side right now and it’s an area where we see ourselves being massively involved in,” Brown says.

“We’re really excited about the partnership and what it can bring to our Australian operations.”

Although it’s not the only area that Geotab is invested in, Brown says truck plays a heavy role in the company’s Australian future. With partnerships solidified and new updates always on the way, he says Geotab has plenty more to give the local industry.

“We’re looking forward to continue getting our brand name out there so people recognise us as a leading telematics solution,” Brown says.

“From electronic work diaries to camera solutions, we have everything operators need in the heavy truck space.”

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