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Geelong truck ban aims to revitalise CBD

Trucks will soon be stopped from entering Geelong’s CBD when the council implements a six-month ban on two streets

By Ruza Zivkusic-Aftasi | October 11, 2013

Trucks will soon be stopped from entering Geelong’s city centre when the local council implements a ban on two streets.

The Greater City of Geelong will stop heavy vehicles from using Mercer and Malop streets, which are used to access the city centre, to revitalise the area and make it more pedestrian-friendly.

The proposal for a six month trial of the ban will go to VicRoads’ truck operators committee in late November for a recommendation regarding a start date.

Councillor Michelle Heagney says many residents agree that trucks do not belong in the city centre and says eliminating trucks from the two streets is a starting point.

“We have to start somewhere and we hope that if the community gets on board, together we can influence the State authorities to develop the infrastructure necessary to get heavy vehicles out of the city altogether,” Heagney says.

The council will take detailed traffic counts on alternative east-west routes, Ryrie Street and McKillop Street during the trial.

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