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GEA backs federal gas supply efforts

Peak body takes swipe at position on transport fuel the country experiences


Peak body Gas Energy Australia (GEA) has supported federal action on the growing gas price crisis but sees policy weakness as having had a hand in the problem.

GEA CEO John Griffiths backs the recent call from federal energy minister Frydenberg for action to increase gas supply to protect local jobs. 

Griffiths also emphasised that the issue goes beyond simply protecting current jobs.

GEA believes failure to harness Australia’s gas natural advantage not only costs traditional manufacturing jobs, but represents a lost opportunity to create new jobs by taking a global leadership role in the design, development, manufacture and deployment of niche low emission gas applications, Australia’s peak body for the downstream gaseous fuels industry said today.

“So much of the production equipment for things like LNG – both for export and domestic use can be designed and made right here,” Griffiths says.

“We have innovators in low emissions power generation, mining equipment, gas transport networks and shipping in Australia.  

“But policies blocking upstream gas development are not only robbing us of our natural advantage in cleaner energy supply but eroding our potential leadership in niche downstream technology and manufacturing.

“Regrettably, because we have been so focused on renewables – the technology for which is largely imported – we may lose our technology leadership edge in what is a niche area of opportunity for Australia.

“It is crazy that we subsidise imported renewable technology that can’t provide reliable power and import higher emitting transport fuels, while at the same time leaving lower emitting gas in the ground.”

“This is an area where we can be a genuine leader, with a niche technology and specialist manufacturing advantage, while also providing, stable and secure supplies of lower emitting energy for Australian households and businesses.”

“In this context, Minister Hunt is to be congratulated for broadening the innovation agenda to include gas applications where Australia can build on its natural innovation and manufacturing advantage.”

“Finally, we agree with Minister Frydenberg’s view that what is required is a truly national approach, including action by the states and territories to unlock gas reserves.  This would ensure that all Australians benefit from a natural resource that is abundant, readily accessible and low emitting.

“Australia has the opportunity to use its comparative advantage and lead the world in low emitting downstream gas applications.”

GEA says it will release its 2017-18 pre-Budget submission in the coming weeks.

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