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Fuso launches all-electric eCanter truck

The zero-emission, zero-noise truck is deal for inner-city distribution


The world’s first series-produced all-electric light-duty truck, Fuso eCanter, has been launched in New York.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation’s (MFTBC) welcomed the next step in the electrification of commercial vehicles in the global launch.

The president and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and head of Daimler Trucks Asia, Marc Llistosella, highlights environmental benefits and low running costs when discussing the commercial EV.

“In times, when everybody is talking about electric trucks, we are the first to actually commercialize a series produced all-electric truck,” Llistosella says.

“Our Fuso eCanter comes with years of customer testing, and the assurance of parts, services, and warranty through our global Fuso dealership network.

“Our new Fuso eCanter now addresses the increasing global demand for products to meet and exceed high CO2 emission standards.

“It offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative to combustion engines and makes electric trucks key to the future of inner city distribution.”

The eCanter represents MFTBC’s answer to the public’s need for a zero-emission, zero-noise truck for increasing inner-city distribution.

A range of 100 kmand a load capacity up to three and a half tons, depending on body and usage, makes the light duty EV suitable for city use.

The vehicle’s electric powertrain contains six high-voltage lithium ion battery packs with 420V and 13.8kWh each. Comparing the eCanter with a conventional diesel truck, operating cost savings of up to 1,000 Euro ($1,488 AUD) per 10,000 kilometres can be expected, according to Fuso.

Fuso Truck and Bus Australia director Justin Whitford assures us Australia is on the list to get this truck, with customer trials planned for 2018.

“We are very excited about the eCanter, the first electric truck from a global manufacturer,” Whitford says.

“It will change the way people think about electrification in the Australian freight industry.

“Fuso Truck and Bus Australia is currently developing a plan to involve local customers in a trial that is planned to start next year, following on from the initial introduction in the United States, Japan and Europe.”

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